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MySocial Ltd borns as a new company with the aim to create and promote the first online betting social network without broker, that's it, bets are created and paid directly by the players. Then the player finds two distinct scenarios: play as player (bettor), and; play as bookmaker, creating their own bets through our sporting events database or free way for other users can participate in challenges.

MySocial Ltd is a startup that has developed each phase of the project, from the graphics to the engine of the website with particular attention to the aspects of safety and usability of the product, to make it accessible to all types of users, even if they are using different platforms.

I you want more information, please, feel free to send us an e-mail for contato@mysocialbet.com.

Best regards,
MySocialBet team.

Easy to play, easy to win.

mysocialbet The game is forbidden to the underages

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