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Understand below its main questions about using the mysocialbet site.

The mysocialbet site is a social network focused on loving public betting, with an interaction tool between users to create their own bets, according to financial availability and, thus, other users may or may not bet against the established betting each other.
All registered in mysocialbet player can act as both Player (bettor), and as Bookmaker (creator of betting). The user acts as a player when participate of a bet created by another user. And acts as a bookmaker in the moment he creates his own bets, so other users can accept the challenge.
On your home page you can see a list of existing bets. If you want to search for a specific category of bets, just use the left side menu. By locating the bet of your interest, enter the text field "your bet" the value you want to place the bet and click bet. Then confirm the bet in the following window.
To be a bookmaker you must create bets on the site. On the homepage there is the "Create Your bet: Become a Bookmaker" button. By clicking this button a screen appears asking what type of bet you want to create, whether it's sports or custom. Simply choose the desired option and then filling the fields that follow.
At the top right of the screen, click Profile. After that, fill in the fields of the form. You make hidden information to other users holding the lock icon in the locked state next to the fields.
At the top right, click My Account and thus enter in the management of account where you can deposit and withdrawal means, as well as a complete statement of all financial transactions on the site.
This button is used to lock the user account for a certain period of time in order to protect you if you are being harmed by addiction to gambling. Each time this button is pressed, the account lock time is increasing. Until the fourth time the account is permanently deleted.
If you still have questions, please send us an e-mail to contato@mysocialbet.com .

Easy to play, easy to win.

mysocialbet The game is forbidden to the underages

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